Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now THAT Is a Baby

I greatly enjoy Amy Jean Porter's illustrated series Drawings in a Hurry, featured on The Awl.

The last one was my favorite though, because she talks about bringing home her new baby (congrats!) and the accompanying picture looks just exactly like a baby. She totally captures the weird floppy newborn awkwardness and littleness.

I must have seen a newborn in that same pose recently, because it is striking a real chord with me.

I also like the picture of the older sister waiting for baby to come home. Her face is just kind of confused and guarded. Like, something is happening, but what? How will it effect me?

Just really good pictures that are evocative of kids. That's a pretty cool yellow hat too, big sister.

Via The Awl.

The Definition of "Not Photoshopped"

If you are looking at this picture and thinking "That's Photoshopped and not cool at all" THINK AGAIN because according to the artist, it is not Photoshopped, and Darth Vader is really riding that squirrel.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE you may ask. Observe:

Of course, by "not Photoshopped" he actually means that while the figure is really riding the squirrel, the puppet strings are removed, so really maybe it's more like "only a little incidental Photoshop." And really, what doesn't have that these days? I have a little bit of Photoshop right now, here at my desk. And that is O.K.

Via Gizmodo