Thursday, April 23, 2009

Student Work: Gilbert Yu

Another student in Roxann Arwen Mills' Master Photographer Series, Gilbert Yu produced some wonderful work, a few samples of which are included below (along with his commentary). Gilbert also does fantastic wedding and portrait photography, which you can view on his website, or by visiting his blog at

"This image was part of a digital diaries assignment. I have two young children and this image represents some of the chaos but also beauty in a household with children. Most people would not find beauty or poetry in a paper airplane on the floor, but I like how it conveys a moment and feeling in life with children."

"This was also part of my digital diary. I enjoy capturing moments that are not necessarily usual or typical, and this is an image of my daughter playing around with a piece of string and being silly."

"This is part of an ongoing personal project that I started in the class. The series is called 'Child's Play' and in the series I try to capture images of toys from a child's whimsical perspective - that they are alive, have personality, and are 'real'. The rest of the series can be found here."

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