Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things That Make You Go "Wauuuuugh!"

Is one of the goals of art to make you feel insane? Philosophers have pondered that question for millenia. Not really! I am pretty sure that has not been widely pondered. I think about it, though. Let's say it's been narrowly pondered.

I think something we can agree on is that art has a powerful way of expanding the mind. It does not dilly-dally, but goes straight to your visual cortext to mess you up. Whether its "goal" is to suprise, delight, horrify or shock, a good piece of art has a strangle hold on you. You can't not see it, and you can't control how it makes you feel.

But that's ok! That's cool! Life is about feeling new things, even if one of those things is "My brain is melting. Whoops, there it goes. It melted."

That's how I felt when I saw Neil Dawson's sculpture "Horizons." Just...I can't even really talk about it. Take a look. The rest is Arts Blog silence.

Via Boingboing

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HannahMade said...

This is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for sharing