Wednesday, March 10, 2010

L.A. Is Full of Great Designers

Luckily, we have a class coming up in the Spring to help you discover them. Led by Michael Dooley, Exploring LA Design meets once a week on Saturdays to visit various design firms and studios, and speak with the design stars who run them.

Students have been calling to ask where exactly the class will be going on these trips. Thought we don't know the details of every trip at this point, here are some of the potential visits to be made over the six weeks (please note that these are possible visits, and not the official itinierary of the class).

Entertainment industry poster designer, painter, and co-founder of CoopStuff product merchandising.

Maureen Erbe
Principal of Erbe Design, a 30-year-old marketing communications firm and graphic design studio.

Jens Gehlhaar
Font designer and creative director of Brand New School, a bicoastal motion graphics directing collective.

David Mayes
Representative for Typecraft Wood & Jones, an offset lithography and state-of-the-art digital printing company.

Mike Salisbury
Principal of Mike Salisbury: Legendary Branding, designing for music, magazine, film, and fashion industries.

Clive Piercy
Founder, owner, and creative director of Air Conditioned, a West Side design office with a British sensibility.

Yo Santosa
Principal and creative director of FerroConcrete, a multiple-media design and brand development company.

Petrula Vrontikis
Educator and principal of Vrontikis Design Office, which provides design and production of branding and identity material.

Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd
Editorial illustrators and publication writers/designers as well as fine artists, operating under the FunChicken banner.

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MichaelDooley said...

Two more visits added to the lineup:

Michael Lejeune
creative director for the 20-plus person in-house design studio at Metro, L.A.'s Transit Authority, and the president of AIGA/LA

Marc Mertens
founding partner of Seso Media, a interactive firm designing internet, public, and community experiences for LACMA and other clients

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