Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peanuts and Swollen Feet

For some people, air travel is a magical journey into lands unknown, and for others it is a special kind of hell, one of stupefying boredom, discomfort and absurdity.

Christoph Niemann captures some of the most annoying, mundane yet maddening parts of air travel, but not in a hacky stand-up comic way (although he kind of does address the peanuts, but it's not to say "And hey, what's with the tiny bags of peanuts? Who eats six peanuts?")

Here are the pages I most identified with:

The degree of seat inclination seems scientifically designed to produce Stockholm Syndrome. You are dependent on the seat for comfort, and it inclines just enough to hint at actual relaxation.

I know I am not the only person who has woken up with the oral equivalent of the scene in Star Wars where they get dumped into the waste disposal unit of the Death Star, and then it starts compacting.

Good to know that someone elses feet become gigantically swollen after a long flight. I have struggled many a time to stuff my poor enormous feet back into sneakers, only to be forced to compromise by leaving them unlaced, tongues flapping as I shuffle down the aisle towards freedom.

Red Eye by Christoph Niemann, NY Times

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