Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dark Side of Design

My philosophy about funny Star Wars related things is that people will continue to do funny Star Wars related things forever, and they will continue to be amusing and delightful and I will never tire of them.

This philosophy might seem overly optimistic, but I think history will prove me right.

Today's example is May the Force of Typography Be With You:

Yoda is the best, obvs. He is straight chillin'. If you click on the picture, the legend shows the typographical symbols that were used.

In closing, have you noticed how not a lot of people use Episode I, II and III as the playground for letting their imaginations run wild? I mean, it just doesn't seem to have the same inspiration for childlike artistic creativy. No judgement, just as observation (judgement).

Via Laughingsquid, from the website Kiss My Black Ads.

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Stabbed! said...

yup, that is really cool