Monday, August 22, 2011

Survey of Western Art Part I

We're all happy to have Mary Beth Carosello back and starting out the Survey series again this fall.

Mary Beth just returned from a trip to Italy and London, and should have a lot of first person pictures of the works that will be discussed during the course. Of course there's nothing like being there in person, but hearing Mary Beth talk about the pieces is probably a close second.

This part of the series covers the early periods of art history--from the dawn of the great civilizations in the Near East through the Middle Ages. Topics include the art of ancient Egypt--its pyramids, royal sculptures, tomb paintings, the treasures of Tutankhamen, and New Kingdom temples; Mesopotamia; Assyria; Persia; the treasures of Greece with special study of Athens and the Golden Age; and the art of the Roman emperors through Constantine the Great, the Byzantine empire, Irish manuscripts, Viking ship burials, and the Court of Charlemagne. Instruction concludes with the development of the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe with special emphasis on Chartres, Siena, and Canterbury.

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