Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Building a Professional Art Practice

One of the things students ask for the most is guidance on the business side of the art world - how to approach galleries, how to build a portfolio, whether grad school is right for them. So, we're happy to announce that this spring we'll be offering a short seminar that deals with those very topics.

The class is taught by Jay Stuckey, a fine artist with ninja-like networking skills and a great, positive attitude about making it in the art world. I did an interview with Jay a while back that you can read here, and he also has an interview in this quarter's N-Vis-N newsletter. The class will cover applying to graduate art schools, and approaching galleries with your work. Classroom time includes lecture and visits from guest admission professionals and gallery owners. It should be a great chance to get some concrete, helpful feedback about a confusing, daunting process.

For a full course description and schedule, click here (painting by Jay Stuckey).

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