Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Very Own Banksy

Yesterday I saw a blog post about how two new pieces of Banksy graffiti art have appeared in LA. I left a note on our Visual Arts Facebook page (did you know we have a Visual Arts Facebook page? We do!) saying that I would love to visit them if I only knew their locations.

Then one of our students (thanks Beth!) chimed in to say that, in fact, one of them was three blocks away. So I grabbed the camera and headed out onto the streets of Westwood.

I had to dodge the Unknown movie premiere, but I found it in the alley behind Urban Outfitters, on Kinross Ave. There was a small crowd taking pictures.

I know Exit Through the Gift Shop was just nominated for an Oscar, so maybe Banksy is soaking in some LA flavor before awards night. Whatever the reason, it was cool to see his work in person, sprayed on our very own humble walls.

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