Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nicole Gastonguay's Crocheted Creatures

My sister, who has a fascination with alternative representations of food items, introduced me to artist Nicole Gastonguay, who crochets adorable characters with tiny yarn smiles (or frowns) on their faces. Gastonguay says she doesn't use patterns to create her toys, and that she makes things up as she goes along. I've included a few of my favorites below, but you can visit her Flickr page to see all of her creations, or her blog to see shots of her crochet process in action.

This cannoli looks nice and cozy.

This shrimp lo-mein is super detailed! Yarn looks like noodles.

For all you photographers out there, an old-school Polaroid and his buddy. They are best friends.


Sandra Suzanne said...

hamburger hamburger! I love hamburgers.

Scott Hutchinson said...

Reminds me of a 2009 TED talk not yet posted at ted.com by Margaret Wertheim, who's crochet project deals with difficult to visualize mathmatics, and now has spread to a worldwide crochet activity building 'coral reefs,' bringing attention to environmental issue in oceans and the coral reefs: http://www.theiff.org/reef/index.html