Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Notes from the Jury Box

The American Gallery of Juror Art is pretty much just what it sounds like - sketches, musing and photographs from our fellow Americans stuck on jury duty. On each page the doodler or photographer introduces his or her work (example: "I am an illustrator. I like donuts and pie") and we get to see a little glimpse into their bored, daydreaming minds. I always liked looking over random doodles and sketches from notebooks and margins because they often seem like a window in the cluttered, unedited subconscious. That + jury duty = awesome.

American Gallery of Juror Art (via Boingboing).

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Irene Palma said...

Totally cool. Unfortunately I was distracted by the guy who may have killed someone, sitting 20 feet away from me to do much doodling during my recent tour of jury duty. I save the doodles for phone calls and work meetings.