Friday, October 9, 2009

Alexander McQueen Space Shoes for Hot Aliens

Listen, I am no shoe novice. I love shoes. I have worn a crazy shoe in my day. Heels and platforms and zippers do not shock me. Sometimes I go into Nordstrom just to touch the designer brands.

But people, the shoes featured in the Alexander McQueen show for Fashion Week were crazy. No - they were criz-azy.

First of all, let's all say a silent prayer for the models who had to sashay around the runway in what are basically enormous bedazzled hooves. This girl is like "Focusfocusfocusfocus"

Second of all, I LOVE THEM.

Well, specifically, I love the hoof-looking ones. I think the shape is so artistic and elegant and cartoonish. They look like something a very posh lady alien on Dr. Who would wear. When you're wearing heels, your feet already don't really look like feet anymore, so why not go one step further and make your feet look like you live on the forest-planet Petalunia, and are going to a ball to dance with a dashing lobster-prince?

I'm not so crazy about the ones that look like pastel coral, but they get points for pure spectacle. And then there's the "Old West robot lady gunslinger" model, which one blogger called "the most wearable of the collection" and I was like "Ha, awesome."

The moral of this post is that I think these shoes are avant garde and artistic and silly and fun. Purse Blog has a great feature that shows many of the shoes in great detail, so check them out! Finally, here is a picture of Alexander McQueen being like "Yeah, I did this. YOU'RE WELCOME."

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