Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Faces in Places - Cute Name, Cute Blog

This is kind of meta, but I found Faces in Places on Blogger's Blogs of Note. Yes, I read the Blogger blog. Bloggy blog blog blog blog.

Anyway, it's a simple conceit, but aren't so many of the best things in life? It's been around since 2007, so there are plenty of faces to look at. Here are some of my favorites:

This suitcase is happy bordering on smug, but I like the bright red lipstick. I image a high-pitched, crazy-girl laugh coming out if you open it.


Nooooooooooo! Please don't put tea in me! Whaaaaaaaaa! Actually, could you even put tea in this? It looks like it would all come of the huge hole in the side. I don't understand.

This little guy breaks my heart. He's like "Am the trash? Why am I in the big blue bin? Wasn't I a good box?" He is Boxo, the star of the next Pixar movie.

Faces in Places
Pareidolia on Wikipedia

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