Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Travel Photography on the Cheap

The NY Times has an interview with travel photographer Robert Caplin that is full of interesting tips about equipment, saving money, and the controversial topic of iPhone photos. He addresses many of the questions that I often get from students, so I included a few below:

Q: If you only had $500 to spend on a new camera system, what would you get?

A: If I was in a pinch, they make these new point-and-shoots, the Canon G9, G10, G11 series. I’ve never owned them, but I’ve heard only raves about them. I’d try to get the point-and-shoot with the most manual control possible that gave me the most ability to decide how I want to make the image. And if I’m looking to save a buck, I always look on craigslist because it’s not a bidding system.

Q: Photoshop costs $699. Is there a cheaper version?

A: If you’re really going to get into travel photography, getting a professional program is key. There is a more consumer version of Photoshop — Photoshop Elements (about $80). It’s a very dumbed-down version, but it’ll get you the basics that you need for photo editing.

Read the full interview here. Dude also has a charming blog.

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Irene said...

I read that too, and ran off to investigate the camera he mentioned!