Friday, June 12, 2009

The Adventures of Ickle and Lardee

You might think the cutest thing on the internet is cats hiding in sofas, or baby pandas, or the Shibu Inu puppy cam, but you would be wrong, because the cutest thing on the internet is a blog called My Milk Toof.

My Milk Toof chronicles the adventures of two baby teeth named Ickle and Lardee. They have adventures around what I'm pretty sure is the Bay Area. The photography is beautiful and looks like stills from a fantasy movie (about teeth).

Here is the story, according to the creator of the blog:

"When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when i woke up I'd find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?

Many years later, a little tooth was standing at my door. It looked familiar. It's name was ickle. Welcome home, my milk toof!"

As the kids would say, adorbs.

Via Jezebel

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