Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exploring Perception with Dave Deany

I'm always excited when we have new classes, because they give our instructors and students a chance to strech and experiment with their art. This summer I think it'll be really interesting to see the work that comes out of Understanding Perception: Right and Left Brain Consciousness with instructor Dave Deany (photo by Slobodan Dimitrov).

According to Dave, his wife, who is a biology and pathology instructor, has inspired him to explore the link between the left ("rational") and right ("intuitive") brains, and how perception and consciousness factor into the creative process. The class will involve lecture, research, and drawing and sculptural exercises designed to nagivate creative impulses. It sounds really fun, and like a pretty unique way to think about and experience creativity.

Dave has a fascinating portfolio of work, including an installation for a show called FR8 at the Angeles Gate Culture Center, in which artists built pieces in empty freight boxes. Dave's piece, titled "Black Hole Paradox," deals with "a scientific quandary regarding either the loss or re-animation of 'information' upon the evaporation of a black hole." Here's how it looked:

Awesome! Here are some more samples of Dave's work. You too can be this playful and creative with your art.

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