Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Horrible Logos

I think we can all agree that the Internet is a pretty mean place. There is a lot of snark and sarcasm and judgement. People are just trying to do their thing, and who are we to mock them? I ask you.

So when I first heard about the website Your Logo Makes Me Barf, I thought "That's sad. Leave the poorly designed logos alone." But then I saw the logos, and they are so bad. I mean eye-blisteringly bad. Haunt-your-dreams bad. Close-up-on-a-screaming-woman's-face bad.

Here's what the creators of the website have to say about their goals:

" is intended to be a humorous look at what can go wrong when an unskilled person designs a logo. Good logos require time and involve great forethought. A good logo should be a financial investment but also something that will benefit the long term growth of a company."

True! They also have some words of consolation for folks who may see their own logos on the site:

"If you designed a logo on this site, try not to take it personally. Accepting criticism is part of design. If you have a passion for design, then we encourage you to pursue professional training - namely a 4 year degree from a school with a reputable design program. We also recommend finding a really great designer who can work with you and possibly mentor you."

Sound advice! There's always the DCA program...

And now, let's let the logos speak for themselves. The rest is silence.

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Irene said...

The Internet is mean? WHAT?