Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Craigslist - Creepy + Art = Awww!

I have always had a soft spot for Craigslist Missed Connections. NOT BECAUSE I HAVE EVER USED THEM. Nooooo. No. No no no no no. But, I think the romantic in me likes the idea of noticing someone from afar, and pining, and then reaching out in the faint hope that they might also be pining, and then you would find each other and live happily every after, and you would have this awesome story of how you met, and you would giggle about it over hot chocolate while the sun sets over the windowsill of your charming Nob Hill split-level. Or whatever.

Artist Sophie Blackall seems to share the love, and has created a dreamy series of illustrations of random Craigslist Missed Connections using Chinese ink and watercolor. In an interview with the NY Times, she describes coming upon the ads for the first time:

“I got completely sucked in,” she said. “I lost about two hours of my life reading them and thought this is just an extraordinary mine of material, ranging from the lyrical, poetic to unintentionally hilarious. Many of them threw out ideas for images to me right away.”

My favorite is the one where the guy says he was "having a bad day and looked offal," and she draws his head as like a huge tumor thing.

Sophie Blackall - Missed Connections
Via Laughingsquid

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Sandra Suzanne said...

these are awesome, also there is this:

everyone is jumping on the missed connections train! and if you're in NY, that's literally every train.