Thursday, September 10, 2009

Google Street View: Cuter Than WALL-E? Discuss.

My Mom hates Google Street View. I mean, she haaaaates it. I really only have myself to blame, because one day I made the mistake of being like "Mom, look, you can see a picture of your house on the Internet." She was like "HOW DOES THE INTERNET HAVE A PICTURE OF OUR HOUSE?" and I was like "Um, a Google van drives around and takes pictures of neighborhoods and makes a pictorial map" and she was like "AAAAHHHHHH!"

I understand that she feels threatened by the fact that the Internet has basically destroyed the idea of privacy and anonymity. It's pretty crazy that someone can see what my house looks like. I think at the time, she made the argument that it would be that much easier for a stalker to find you, and I countered with the fact that, if a stalker has your address, they will probably find you anyway, because stalkers are pretty motivated. But I do understand the ick factor that this feature produces in a lot of people.

However, even my Mom's cold, cold heart would melt at this adorable video that explains how Google Street View works. The animated Google car reminds me of WALL-E, and also, the blocks that the city is built of are totally the blocks that we all had growning up! You know, with the arches, and colums and stuff? Don't even tell me that you didn't play with those blocks.

Here is the squeal-inducing video. My favorite part is when the tiny robot paints over the license plate numbers. Because Google cares (cue chimes).

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