Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ghana Has the Best Movie Poster Paintings

The blog Ephemera Assemblyman has a collection of awesome movie poster paintings from Ghana. What is a movie poster painting, you might ask? According to the blog:

"In the 1980s, video cassette technology made it possible for “mobile cinema” operators in Ghana to travel from town to town and village to village creating temporary cinemas. The touring film group would create a theatre by hooking up a TV and VCR onto a portable generator and playing the films for the people to see. In order to promote these showings, artists were hired to paint large posters of the films (usually on used canvas flour sacks). The artists were given the artistic freedom to paint the posters as they desired - often adding elements that weren’t in the actual films, or without even having seen the movies."

The paintings are surreal and strangely affecting. Let's look at some of my favorites (I highly recommend clicking the images to enlarge):

First of all, good 'ole Cujo has a St. Bernard's head on a Doberman's body. Secondly, he is shooting us the come-hither glance of a 1950's era silent film star. Thirdly, there is a stream of blood coming out of his eyeball. And lastly, the kid's father is Kim Jong-Il.

Moving on!

This Terminator looks like a member of Menudo who is working on an emo side project. Note that the "O" is a heart.

If I saw this hanging outside of a sushi restaurant, I would go in and eat at that restaurant.

Check out all the posters here (via Boingboing).

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Sandra Suzanne said...

omg it used to say 'you'! and look at that long ass car!!