Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ahoy! Fall Quarter Ahead

Insanely, registration for fall quarter begins today. Fall is a big quarter for us here in the photography program. We're debuting two new photography certificates (the Fundamentals of Photography, and Advanced Topics in Photography), and have some great courses on offer. Personally, I'm excited about a new photo course, Lighting Fundamentals. For students who want to explore the idea of light and how it affects photographs (hint: so much), it's nice to have a beginning course that focuses (photography pun!) just on lighting concepts.

You can find a PDF of the Arts catalog pages in the column on the left.

And finally, please enjoy this image from ilmungo's Flickr, which I found by searching the terms "Autumn Los Angeles."

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Irene said...

Autumn! NOooo! I am not done enjoying summer yet...