Thursday, July 9, 2009

Art Imitates Art

Artist Kimiko Yoshida has a series of photographic self-portraits that seem to be based on classical (and modern) paintings by the masters. Here are a few - I've included images of the painting listed in the title for reference.

This one's called "LAUGHING GIRL BY VERMEER." I think this is the painting referred to:

I guess I can kind of see it? Because of the hat? And colors?

This is "PIERROT BY WATTEAU." Here's what Google Images came up with:

Definitely! Apparently Pierrot was a clownish figure popular with artists.

And finally, here's "MINOTAUR BY PICASSO."

I couldn't find a specific work by Picasso that this seems to be modeled on, but this one seems to come pretty close.

I love the costumes in the pictures, especially this last one. Do you think she makes everything herself? Those are rad shoes.

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Irene said...

Want those shoes, please. Thanks.