Thursday, April 23, 2009

Covers, Covered

Copying characters from comic books is a formative part of many a young life. Even though I wasn't particularly artistic, I remember bringing in pages from Sandman: Season of Mist to a high school sketching class, and spending hours lovingly getting Dream's stubble just right, because I was obsessed, because I was 15.

So I was excited to find the blog Covered, in which artists from all over the world create their own interpretations of various comic book covers. Some are detailed copies that don't take many creative liberities, and some are reinterpretations based on the artist's own sensibility and vision. Also, I'd never heard of a lot of the comics, and some of them look awesome (Rocket Racoon?)

Covered, via LaughingSquid

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Sandra Suzanne said...

Jeffrey Browns cover is hilarious. It's like, exactly the same.