Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sign of the Times

Today this notice was hanging up in our office bathroom:

I love a good graphic. How nice and clean do those hands look? So nice and clean. This sign gets an A+ for making me want to wash my hands over and over again with a fresh bar of Irish Spring.

Offices are hotbeds of note-leaving - there must be something about the work environment that makes people feel that they must express themselves via written, public communiques.

Which is why I love the website Passive Aggressive Notes. It's a collection of the exasperated, preachy notes that are left by the roommates, office mates and fed up people in our lives. I collected a few of my favorite office-related entries (the main themes are "Don't eat my food!" "Clean the microwave" and "If you're sick, go home!"


Anonymous said...

That sign is in the bathroom here too! There is also a helpful list of swine flu information including symptoms and treatment. Basically, it's a flu with a bad name.

Also, I really like that last PAN.

Sandra Suzanne said...

If you look closely at that handwashing poster, there's a weird red smudge right in the center of the top of the soap and it almost looks like a little worm.

Irene Palma said...

Hey, in the last photo? If you're feeling lousey, you might want invest in a good de-louse shampoo. Please leave your nits at home. Thank you.