Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Art Tank

Here in the Visual Arts, I program the photography, art history and studio arts courses. Karen, who sits across a desk six feet away from me (hi Karen!) handles the Design Communication Arts program, which includes a bevy of graphic design courses.

There's often overlap in our programs, and many students study in both areas (who doesn't need to know Photoshop? The answer is everyone needs to know Photoshop). One of the courses that attracts students from both areas is Mixed Media and Collage with James Fish.

I am going to go on record here and say that James Fish is the coolest. While I don't work with him personally, I've met him, seen his work, and had a pleasure of attending a show he was featured in at Giant Robot 2 where all of the work was done on Post-Its. I highly recommend visiting his website,, to see some inspiring examples of design, collage and illustration that are lively, creative, and have a fun sense of humor.

Perhaps best of all, James created the poster for Karen's documentary, My Name is Teacher. Check it out:

Love it. There is a luchador, and the lady in the mortarboard looks startlingly like Karen.

If you'd like to see James' work up close and personal, you could attend The Art Tank's Music/Art opening on May 2nd at the Lacy Street Lofts downtown. Details on their Facebook page - it looks like a great organization and artist community.

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