Monday, May 4, 2009

Anna Skladmann's Little Adults

Photographer Anna Skladmann has a very disturbing series called "Little Adults," which shows the children of Russian's rich upper class decked out in fancy clothes and lounging disaffectedly around their parents' estates.

According to her website, "The series 'Little Adults' explores what it feels like to be a privileged child living in Russia, a country where its radical history and social hierarchy still rules their daily lives. It is the exploration of the recently growing society of the 'Nouveau-Riche' in which children have been raised to be the 'Elite' and behave like little adults. These portraits express the tension between the natural character and stereotype of appearance co-existing in the world of children."

While I think it's always disturbing to see children playing adult roles, this series is particularly affecting because of how vacant, bored and disillusioned the kids look. I'm sure the subjects were dressed and posed to highlight the effect, but it's a depressing statement on the effects of materialism and social pressure.

Anna Skladmann - Little Adults

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Irene said...

Have you ever seen the cover for Afghan Whigs' album "Gentleman"? That thing has been disturbing me since at least 1994.