Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Card Catalog

Whenever I think of business cards, I think of the scene in American Psycho where Patrick Bateman has a panic attack during a meeting because a hated colleague has a better business card than him, and then you see the business cards they are obsessing about, and they are all exactly the same cream-colored embossed card stock, and it makes you think about the 80s negatively. Also, I think he then kills the guy who had the better cards.

Movie references aside, though, a business card is your chance to be remembered long after a busy networking event has died down, and if you're an artist and designer, you can get pretty creative with your card. Freelanceswitch has a rundown of unique and charming business cards taken from the website Creaticca. Though I think sometimes creative business cards can look a little cutsey, I was won over by these designs.

Hello! You are adorable!

This is not product placement, but the Milk skincare line has beautiful, powerful branding, and I use them because the bottles are so pretty and make me feel like a Swedish princess. Also the moisturizer is pretty good.

Awesome, and I don't even know what this is for. Barbers?

My favorite, of course, because of the pun. I literally exclaimed aloud when I saw this. I think I said "Ah!"

72 Stunning Business Cards via Lifehacker

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