Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tiny Art Director and Her Reign of Terror

Tiny Art Director is a blog where artist Bill Zeman creates paintings based on his four year old daughters' suggestions, and she then renders her harsh critique. She is pretty judgemental for a four year old, but I kind of tend to agree with a lot of her feedback.

Here are some examples from Tiny Art Director:

The Brief: I want you to draw me a crocodile!
The Critique: No! Don't eat me!
Job Status: Rejected

The Brief: A dinosaur, not too scary
The Critique: He's a ugly one! I hate those kind of dinosaurs! Where's your eraser?
Job Status: Rejected
Additional Comments: [hits page] He has ugly eyeballs.

The Brief: A Dragon
The Critique: It's dumb Daddy. You should erase it. Grow up Daddy.
Job Status: Rejected

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