Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun with Colors Palette Generator

Today I had so much fun playing with CCS Drive's Colors Palette Generator. If you're working on a design project based on a particular subject or image (or if you just like pretty colors), you can upload any image and generate a custom palette based on its colors.

Of course the first thing I thought was "I want a color palette of ME!" so I made Karen take a picture of me standing in front of a cubicle. I was all excited to see custom palette Cristina, but upon viewing realized that a peach-colored person standing in front of a beige wall does not a very interesting palette make.

They give you a light, medium and dark color palette, and my dark one is basically varying shades of black. Then I realized that I should probably pick a picture with a few more colors in it. So, in honor of Paul who helped me out by explaining how to save screenshots as TIFs in Photo Editor, here is the color palette of the original Star Wars poster:

Much better!

Via Lifehacker

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Irene said...

I think your color palette is just fine; this computer software just hasn't advanced far enough to capture it.