Friday, May 29, 2009

Marc Johns, I Love You

How did I not know about Marc Johns until now? Is no one in my life on the ball enough to introduce me to this delightful artist, that I have to read about him on the internet? The hipsters in my life have failed me (I'm looking at you, Sandra).

Anyway, Marc Johns - adorable, irreverent, funny, touching sketches, drawings and paintings. Please go to his website and enjoy. My favorite series so far is Things with Antlers. Here is Marc's explanation:

"I have been drawing things with antlers for a while. It all started years ago when antlers were in style and popping up on illustrations and t-shirts everywhere. So I made a few drawings about it, such as putting antlers on a guy's head and on some bananas. I was poking fun at the way we embrace trends. In the end, I ended up embracing antlers. Oops."

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Julia Wetherly said...

I love Marc Johnssss! You should also check out Andre Jordan: